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The Chavurah program at Tikvat Israel Congregation provides a great way to get to know others and to build lasting friendships with fellow synagogue members.

What is a Chavurah? A Chavurah is a group of adults, families, couples, and singles who meet monthly, with or without children, to share Jewish life in an "extended family" type setting, usually around the Shabbat. The Chavurah program is for people who are seeking a self-directed, intimate Jewish group experience with other congregation members and are willing to make the commitment to work towards building this unique bond.

What does a Chavurah do? Each Chavurah decides on its own blend of Jewish learning, Jewish celebrations, and socializing. But typically there involves a Shabbat meal if meeting on Friday night or a dinner concluding the Shabbat with a Havdalah celebration. In addition, there is usually a discussion involving questions the Rabbi has proffered, focusing on the Torah portion for that week. Finally, there is normally a time for prayer for anyone who may have needs.

Why should I belong to a Chavurah? The Chavurah program is designed to bring together congregation members with similar interests who might otherwise not have an opportunity to meet. It is a chance for congregation members to get to know each other outside the synagogue, yet it is designed to build relationships within the synagogue. A Chavurah provides a smaller, and in many cases, more familiar Jewish network for its members. When you and your Chaverim come to the synagogue, you have a greater sense of belonging, in that your "extended family" is there with you, too.

Chavurah Directory

Our chavurah groups are broken out into various groups in the congregation across the city. Here is a listing of those groups and if you would like further information about a particular Chavurah group in your area please feel free to Contact Us at anytime.

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